Advanced Campaigns Fall 2019 | Professor: Douglas May | Entrepreneurial Project 
Design by Katelyn Salinas
Assignment Brief
The goal for this assignment was to create an entrepreneurial project. For my entrepreneurial project I created a kit for kids to learn about Geology. I decided on this topic because my family has collected rocks for years and I wanted to introduce other families to how interesting rocks can be.
My concept for this project was to create a kit that kids can learn and have fun with. The goal for the design was to make rocks look more modern with a science flare to it.
Logo: the logo was created by getting textures from rocks in an encyclopedia. I used to different rocks to create the texture and create a unique textured type. The orange oval in the background is to give it a little bit of color since it is a children's kit.
Top of Box: The top of the box uses rocks from an encyclopedia that I scanned in and used to decorate the box. I used these images to add a little bit of science to the kit.
Pattern: The pattern on the inside is a simulation of what rocks silhouettes might look like in the ground. I added color to it to make the box more bright and cheerful and the effect to make it look like confetti. This allows it to look like a celebration inside the box.

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