Graphic Design Spring 2018 | Professor: Karen Dorff | Client: Mi Dia
Logo: Katelyn Salinas | Layout/Photographs: Valeria Mendoza​​​​​​​ | Collaborated Illustrations
Assignment Brief
The goal for this assignment was for a team of two to collaborate and design a menu for a restaurant. My partner and I were assigned the restaurant, Mi Dia From Scratch. My job was to create the logo for the menu. My partner worked on the layout for the menu. ​​​​​​​We collaborated on the illustrations.
The concept for this project was to create a more modern look for the restaurant Mi Dia From Scratch. 
Illustrations: The inspiration for the illustrations were Mexican hand-painted tiles. Mexican tiles are often geometric and flora base. 
Logo: For the logo I created a more monotype face to create a more modern feel to the restaurant. 

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