Tie-dye chatbots, Tye, was a project to learn about chatbots and conversational design. I developed the agent, entities, intent and flow of the conversation.

Tye the Tie-Dye Chatbot
Meet Tye, the tie-dye chatbot. Tye was developed on Google DialogFlow. Tye teaches user about tie-dye and how to tie-dye. Tye can answer your on materials (dyes and fabric), color theory, and methods.
​​​​​​​I created phrases and questions for my intents and developed responses on how my chatbot should respond. I decided that the main focus of my intent should be on how to tie-dye, products and questions on the tie-dye process. 
Example of an intent:
Similar to an entity you can have multiple ways to say one thing. As seen below their are a few training phrases that all sound very similar and are asking the same question. 
I created entities to help my chatbot recognize words and help it recognize words that mean the same thing. 
Example of an entity:
Some of the entities I created where for t-shirt, dye and fabric. These are word that I thought the user might use in their queries or where specific for this topic. 
An example of an entity is t-shirt. T-shirt can have different spelling or written incorrectly.  Users could type in a different style of clothing like dress, blouse or tank top. Entities are to help learn and help the user receive the correct response for their question. 
I tested my chatbot by asking it questions, misspelling words, and trying different phrases to see how my chatbot would respond. 

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